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What makes GSI Translations different from many other translation companies is the leading edge technology we use to assist us in producing highly accurate translations. All GSI Project Managers are certified to Advanced level in Trados 2015 and have experience with other Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) tools.

How does TRADOS and other CAT tools, help ME as a Client?

With offices in the UK, Kosovo, Romania and North Macedonia, we support companies, institutions and governments all over the world with highly professional translation and interpreting services. Our extensive network of professionals consists of more than 3000 sector specialists linguists providing expert translation and interpreting to our global costumers.

If you are a translator or interpreter looking for freelance opportunities, join our community of professional translators today and have the opportunity to work with businesses worldwide.

CAT tools provides clients with two basic benefits:

Firstly, the text can be analysed exactly to give an accurate reading of how much work will be involved in the translation.

Secondly, and more important from the perspective of quality is that it allows there to be uniformity in the terminology, which is one of the key signs of a professional translation.

As mentioned above, sentences that are repeated in the original document will be translated the same way every time they appear.

CAT tools features also include a “Concordance” function that gives translators the possibility of searching through all previous translations of any word in the current source file and any other relevant translations done previously, which is an effective way of ensuring consistency.